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Elliott Schaden

Your work is outstanding. I love every bit of it.

I thank you so much for your effort to achieve exactly what I want.

You are an amazing team and your script rocks. It's purely amazing.

Elliott Schaden
Tiara Gislason

We really enjoyed our interaction with GoClixy. Everything was handled with the highest level of professionalism. GoClixy has an amazing support and an after sales service. We are quite pleased with the outcome of our collaboration and look forward to working with GoClixy again.

Tiara Gislason

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GoClixy DATING is a dating site designed for a relationship based on shared interests in support of a fixed and true relationship rather than per-session (occasional acquaintance) users who will abuse our platform, will immediately be blocked.

The site is intended for users over the age of 18! If you encounter any user or user under this age please notify us immediately. We see in severity subscribers under the age of 18 if existing they will be deleted from the site without the possibility to return again.

We are against prostitution. In any form and without exception! We act by all means at our disposal - human and technological - to Identify any activity related to .prostitution, to report and to cooperate with the authorities Help us be a better company and denounce anyone who tries to misuse our platform and report to us whenever you think the other side is behaving poorly. Report to us by reporting any suspicious activity related to prostitution.